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The Wonder Of The Praying Mantis

One day I stumbled across an interesting little critter. It was green with brown wing like flaps on its back. It looked like a religious man, praying to god. It was a praying mantis.

            A praying mantis is a rare insect and is endangered. In fact it is so rare it is illegal to kill! They range from 2 to about 5 inches and can be green or partially brown in color. They are called praying mantises after the shape of there forelegs. About 2400 species exist, which in my opinion makes them sound not so scarce. Most of the time they are found in rainforest, temperature or wet, though it is not impossible to see one in the average climate of the United States. I am starting to see a small colony growing up next to my house. IN my opinion, praying mantises are beautiful creatures that deserve to be protected.

            You might think insects are pesky and annoying, but the praying mantis is an exception. They do nut buzz into your house like flies, and the don’t give itchy bites like mosquitoes. In fact they eat pests! So if you see one around your home, put a smile on your face, and be happy that you have a praying mantis around your house!