Canon PowerShot D10 Underwater and above .

First picture made by Canon D10 underwater. Quality is not bad as you can see.

Canon PowerShot D10



After substantial research I've finally decided to by Canon PowerShot D10 as a backup camera. And it has proved to be a very capable device, especially in condition of sandy beach, above the water and even under water. Take a look at my shots made by Canon PowerShot D10 during my trip to Mexican Rivera Maya.       





You can't expect quality of SLR camera from simple with almost no zoom "soap box". But still, it is very nice pleasant  image, giving you a memorable moment

This picture along proving my right decision of buying Canon PowerShot D10  


From airplane window all shots will look the same anyway.


And again as I've said - not SLR, but still not bad. 


Close up image quality.


Despite the water been not so clear, image of this fish is clean, colors are bright.


You can’t take SLR camera for swimming without special case. No problem with Canon D10


Quality of this image made by SLR would be better of course. But you can’t take SLR camera to a sandy beach without special precaution and warring that it will malfunction. No problem with Canon PowerShot D10.